I am one half of Gailey and Davio Writers’ Services, a boutique editorial service offering developmental editing and copyediting for poetry manuscripts. The other half is former LA Review editor (and current Tahoma Review editor) Kelly Davio. We think that the two of us together will be able to give you a nuanced and comprehensive manuscript critique.

When you hire Gailey and Davio Writers’ Services for developmental editing, we coach you in creating the most complete, fully realized book manuscript possible. After reading your book with critical eyes and making detailed notes and line edits in the text, we prepare an in-depth editorial letter that addresses the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, the most and least successful poems or chapters, the emergent themes of the book, and the most appropriate organization for the work. We then provide you with personalized advice on submitting your work for publication.

We also offer copyediting and formatting to get your manuscript in shape for submission to agents, editors, and publishers. We’ll find every last comma splice, dangling participle, and homophone, and format your prose manuscript to industry standards in order to give your book the best, most professional presentation possible.

Visit Gailey and Davio Writers’ Services for more info and to get started.

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