• MS is an immune disorder so anything that makes your immune system work harder, flu, can cause complications. For some strange reason they also recommend to limit public exposure with CP as well. I know CP does not affect my immune system.

    February 02, 2018
  • That is GREAT news about your poems being accepted! Good answer by Veronica on the flu/MS connection. That is cool about Spring starting so early where you are. In Upstate NY, winter is just kicking in for real, so there sure won’t be any lovely Spring flowers here until April. I share your feelings of disappointment and isolation, since it is so hard for me to get out and do things as well. It is looking like I may get a chance to do physical therapy again, if the insurance company approves. I think I would feel mentally better if I can do a small something. Sylvia is just continuing to be awesome! I will have to take more pictures of my little pal, Moon, when I get the chance! Happy February and Valentine’s Day!

    February 04, 2018

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