• Another very cool post! I admire your courage and engagement regarding the MS treatments, possibilities, and the ups and downs of it. Sounds like you’ve found a great doctor! I love doctors who have done the research and have kept up to speed with the latest developments. What a difference! Hopefully a good physical therapist can help you improve! I know that early on in my series of spinal issues, I did make some decent progress with PT. My big mistake(well one of them) was coming to the conclusion I was “cured” and I returned to extremely physical labor against the wishes of my doctors I did this multiple times until I couldn’t walk. Kids, don’t try this at home! I have big hopes for you because you are smarter than I was and you are being so proactive in your own treatment. I also like your other two articles, especially the one about submission costs. Any person who puts their heart and soul into their writing is a writer, whether they get published or not. Realistically, most of us would like to be published at the very least, once in our lives. Most of us would also like to make crazy huge Stephen King type fortunes with our writing. One of those things is likely to happen and as far as getting published goes, I think emerging writers have the best chances in independent journals who will most likely pay a contributor copy or two. I started in Trajectory Journal that way. I ordered some back issues, really enjoyed them and felt I could fit in. The editor is an extremely fine and patient person who made suggestions and sent my work back to me until I got it right. Then he accepted one of my poems “Puppeteer” and I was over the moon. Meantime, I was dropping probably a hundred bucks a month on contests and fees. I don’t regret doing any of it and I still do it, but I totally agree with you, Jeannine. Make sure that you like the output of the place your trying to get into and maybe be willing to subscribe. While I don’t make a lot of money writing, the benefits make it worthwhile. My vocabulary is great, I have a lot of cool friends, and I get to read a lot of books before they even hit the shelves. The biggest one though is that I’m much happier, which I never thought would happen.

    November 03, 2017
  • Deborah K Hammond

    I am so glad to read Jeannine’s entry and your reply, Brian. I meet the nicest people through poetry. Big hugs to you both!

    November 03, 2017

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