• denisecalvetti michaels

    So funny to read your blog and consider what it means to become a couple of old people. As an elder, I find myself doing things that I feel do not belong to the habitat of older folk, as though I’m trespassing when I spend hours, day after day, in the ravine to adjust a fern newly restled into its little terrace I spent time teetering to adjust. So, maybe as we live this crazy, blessed journey, we – at least, for me – are trespassing daily on the notion of what it means to become elders. May you and Glenn share many years as old people.

    July 10, 2022
  • Margaret

    So true what Denise says. I’m 71 but still don’t feel as I think an older person feels. I remember my mother saying to me when she was in her 50’s…I still feel young…I’m slowly filling her shoes. Jeannine I hope you’re able to get Evusheld soon! I’ve been getting it for about a year now and feel very confident being in crowds. As you probably know it’s repeated every 6 months.

    July 10, 2022

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