• Deborah Kate Hammond

    Been thinking about you so much and am really happy to read about how you’re thriving in difficult times. My son has lived across the street from me for a year now, in our neighborhood of mostly 70’s ranches, and he’s embraced mid century modern, a pretty darned cheerful decor! He’s also been making his house Smart! I never thought about how CLEAN that is! But it is! His roomba does scheduled cleaning and the house is all wood and tile floors so it’s easy. His newer window shades, in the main living/kitchen area, go up and down automatically. All the lights, door locks and sound are pod or phone controlled…..so much less touching of surfaces! He convinced me to get Siri and I love it for music but never thought of all the other things one can do. He tells her to run entertainment mode when I’m there to watch Picard on thursdays and the lighting shifts. : ) ANYway, I’m so happy you were well received at the ER and felt better after. And commend your thoughtfulness re the booksellers! And as always, salute you and your partner in crime, Glen! Much love.

    March 08, 2020
  • Jeannine Gailey

    Thanks! Yes, I’d never thought about it that way either. But it’s a win for both disability and germs! And I want to get those fancy shades too!

    March 08, 2020
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    March 08, 2020

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