• Dammit stop writing such quotable posts! Really torn over whether to quote the CIA bit or the bit about the importance of waiting to the poet bloggers digest. Probably the latter, I guess. But it sounds as if I’ll need to get a hold of that book, because a story that that feeds BOTH my left-wing paranoia about the government AND my cynicism about literary prize culture sounds almost too good to be true!

    OK, back to hiding away on my mountain. 🙂

    November 04, 2018
  • Jeannine Gailey

    Thanks! I always feel honored to be included in your digest.
    And yes, if you think you’ll like Finks, also check out the book The Cultural Cold War if you want more in-depth research on the same kind of subject matter. Enjoy 🙂

    November 04, 2018

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