• Christine Potter

    Thank you for this! I had a good Christmas after a traumatic one last year, and I’m kind of grinding my gears right now. I hope that virus leaves the building soon for both you and’Glenn!

    January 08, 2024
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    January 09, 2024
  • Melanie Weiss

    Yes, January is a difficult month. People are emotionally hung over from the holidays (or from not wishing to participate and having to put on a false face), people are ill, people are in debt for questionable reasons.
    I’m so sorry you’re feeling so horrible – hoping, or course, for an end to it.
    And – I ADORE that bunny ornament.

    peace –

    January 13, 2024
  • Gayle Kaune

    I enjoyed your comments about McElroy and Gluck and the idea of choices and how the playing field is never even, is it? I didn’t know of Gluck’s epilepsy or McElroy’s RA. I know RA can be a debilitating disease since my mother had it. And there you are back and forth to the hospital this past month but taking time to focus on beauty.

    January 14, 2024

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